Jesus power, Wesley, & Africa

I found this an interesting article in a Nazarene journal.

The author uses the Christus Victor theology of Gustaf Aulen to gain some perspective on the Jesus power preaching and theology among Nazarenes in Africa. It includes a look at the way John and Charles Wesley wrote about the theme of Christ’s power.

First and foremost, the power of Christ is power over sin. It is pardon from guilt and victory over the “works of the flesh.” But power carries a broader meaning in their Christology. Jesus power also means – at least in some measure – physical healing. Further, it includes protection for the believer from the forces of evil as well as the ability to confront Satan, to win triumphant victories in Jesus’ name.

When the author turns to a review of the way African Nazarene pastors speak of the power of Jesus, he recounts both some survey data and anecdotal accounts.

This Zambian pastor shares an interesting take on the way we cooperate with God:

While I strongly believe that Jesus can make us prosper, we need to realize that blessings of prosperity can only come up on us through hard work. When we work and pray in faith in asking Jesus to make our work or business successful he can do it. We need also to remember that the time of receiving “manna” from heaven like rain is long gone.

The pastor also tells the story about his son, who had been suffering from demon attacks. His parents prayed and fasted for six weeks.

On Monday 6th June 2011, Jesus’s power was displayed, my boy was totally healed and his mind totally restored. And as am writing to you now, my boy has become a living testimony to the community, that Jesus can heal through prayer. And because of that some people are bringing their sick so that I can pray for them (Mark 9:14-29.)…This is a true story. MY FAMILY, MY NEIGHBOURS AND MY FELLOW PASTORS ARE MY WITNESSESS. YES JESUS’S POWER IS STILL EFFECTIVE TO HEAL EVEN

I’ve been blessed at United Theological Seminary to take classes and pray with pastors from places where the power of Jesus is preached and experienced in mighty ways. It has challenged my rationalistic worldview and enriched my faith.


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  1. A priest once explained that we do not notice miracles as much in Christian America because the powers of evil spirits are not as feared here. That does not mean they both are non-existent. It is just that our perspective is different , He wondered whether we are seeing more clearly or have clouded the issue with our science. He affirmed that sincere prayer is still effective in life’s situations. The rite of exorcism must be taught to American priests just as to missionaries to Africa. He wished American protestants would learn to recognize the devil’s works that abound, but are subtle in industrialized countries.

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