Clarity begets discipline

This post from Talbot Davis about the way clarity about mission changed his pastoral leadership is a hopeful word to me this morning.

[E]arlier in the history of Good Shepherd we would follow the latest trend, embrace the most recent fad, and follow a season of blessing with a season of anarchy.  Our “wins,” when we had them, were disconnected from whatever came before or after them.

There’s some good news in all this.  Once Will Mancini and his team at Auxano helped us unearth the mission of inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ in 2011, I suddenly had a leadership focus that didn’t mimic anyone else but came from within our community.

So these days we are resistant to trends, fads, and anarchy.  We much better able to connect one ministry “win” with the next one.  Everything we do, from evaluating facilities to hiring staff, now gets filtered through the grid of inviting all people.

It reminds me of another pastor long ago who determined to make sure everything he did was aimed at spreading scriptural holiness across the land. He was another guy who liked discipline and got a few things done.

Discipline is not my strong suit. Perhaps there is a lesson in these examples that I need to hear.


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