Hamilton on the atonement

I was watching Adam Hamilton’s sermon on the meaning of Jesus’ death the other day.


Here is what I heard. First, all theories of the atonement are metaphors. Taking them as literal is an error. It is poetry not economics or juridical practice. Second, the atonement is primarily about how the cross changes us. It is God’s message to inspire and motivate us.

That is not all that was said, of course, but those were the two main ideas I heard. What about you?

5 thoughts on “Hamilton on the atonement

  1. John, you might be interested in getting a copy of Jason Vickers’ recent presidential address to the Wesleyan Theological Society. It is a very deep reflection on atonement.

      1. John,

        Will you please let us know of there is a link to the Jason Vickers’ address on atonement?

        Thank You,

  2. One of my main “take-aways” is that all metaphors (such as atonement theories) break down at some point. I would say that when such a theory breaks down, we are left with the stark, historical reality of Christ crucified.

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