The power of why

One simple question can reveal a great deal. The key is to keep asking it.

The question: Why?

When talking about what we do as the church, we too often to not ask the question “Why?”

Why do we do the things we do?

Asking the “why” question once is helpful. It is even better if we keep on asking it until our answers get down to facts that can be examined and questioned.

Here’s a hypothetical example. The church worship committee is discussing the purchase of new hymnals.

Q: Why do we need new hymnals?

A: Because our old ones were issued in 1956.

Q: Why do we care how old the books are?

A: Because a lot of newer hymns might appeal to younger people.

Q: Why do you believe that is true?

A: Ummm … (and here we might go looking for evidence to answer that question)

Or maybe it would develop this way.

Q: Why do we need new hymnals?

A: Because the old hymnal is not approved by our denomination.

Q: Why do we need to use a hymnal the denomination approves?

A: Because … well … (Here we are prompted to consider more deeply what we do in worship and why we do it.)

This kind of thing is not easy, and it is not, of course, ever this clean and simple. But it does force us to think why we have to explain the why behind the who, what, when, where, and how.

What kinds of “why” questions would help your congregation the most?


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  1. This post illustrates the power of being able to ask good questions. Most of us learn this ability around the age of three but then have it knocked out of us by parents that get sick of answering the question. 🙂

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