Paying $9 million to walk away

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, better known as John Ortberg’s church, voted to leave the Presbyterian Church USA even though it will have to pay nearly $9 million to do so.

In a letter explaining the decision cited several issues including doctrine, discipline, and governance.

The church will pay $8.89 million to it former denomination under terms of a dismissal agreement.

I wonder what would happen if the United Methodist Church developed procedures to allow congregations to buy their way out of the UMC.


4 thoughts on “Paying $9 million to walk away

  1. A close-up of the Presbyterian drama can be experienced at Local churches are peeling off as fast as they can gather congregations for a vote. Some of these churches are dismissed with little consequence, for others it’s painful, and for still others there’s a bitter fight.

  2. In effect, the land clause in the discipline operates the same way. If a church dissolves and leaves it building, ownership and any value attached to it return to the conference.

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