Has the ‘big sort’ come to the UMC?

Rev. Jen Stuart of First UMC in Austin, Texas, explains her decision to leave Texas and seek ordination in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. The short version: She wants to be ordained in a conference where she does not have to conceal her opposition to the Book of Discipline.

Several years ago, a book called The Big Sort made a splash. The thesis of the book was that Americans were clustering together into like-minded enclaves, which was leading to increased division and the polarization we’ve been seeing in our political system for a number of years. (Here’s a short article that captures the idea.)

Is the United Methodist “big sort” already underway?


3 thoughts on “Has the ‘big sort’ come to the UMC?

  1. In some ways I think the ‘big sort’ is underway: we are moving in the direction of two churches with two different polities and disciplines. I hope I am wrong, but that’s how it feels to me.

  2. It reminds me of many of the members (white and black) of conferences in the southern states (especially Mississippi) who came to Indiana in the 1960’s. Some of those clergy who ended up here (some have died) are the ones who made this association for me.

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