If your were pastor for MercyMe

A member of the band MercyMe posted this on Facebook in response to a storm of criticism after a previous posting praising the halftime performance at the big football game on Sunday.

This raised mixed reactions in me. I wonder what you hear? More importantly, if a member of your church or small group said such things to you, how would you engage with that person?

2 thoughts on “If your were pastor for MercyMe

  1. The problem for me is that he’s playing defense. He has a good point or two, but if I was his pastor and he was my worship leader, I would surely be getting MANY phone calls after a diatribe like this. This whole thing points out a big problem when faith intersects with Facebook – it’s instant communication, good, bad, and ugly. People of faith sound off on each other in very unhealthy ways on Facebook and the other avenues on the internet.

    I’ve also never been afraid, as an admin, to delete posts like this and talk to the person (if it’s in my purview to do so). I would say that a good sit down would be in order if a church leader went off on a tangent like this.

    I’m curious though as to what other pastors who have no doubt observed situations like this would do. I know many youth pastors who push social media conduct covenants with their youth leadership, but I’ve never really heard of one for adults.

    And, Bruno Mars killed it, in my humble opinion.

  2. Wow there’s a lot in that post. I would want to start by getting a sense of what they feel was their main point. There’s definitely some things in there I agree with, especially the unfortunate understanding that if music (or culture in general) doesn’t have the “Christian” label in front of it, it’s inherently bad. On the other hand, they make some odd exegetical leaps that I would want to discuss. However, having just written ordination papers, I’m keenly aware of how a sentence you thought was simple can raise a lot of questions in someone else. So the author’s focus and intent would lead a lot of my response.

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