Two Methodist pastors blog about the Bible

United Methodist pastor Roger Wolsey on ways progressives interpret the Bible.

United Methodist pastor Chad Holtz replies with a call for less seriousness about the Bible and more submissiveness.


6 thoughts on “Two Methodist pastors blog about the Bible

  1. Sounds very reasonable until you dig a little deeper as Dr Roland Chia does in the link provided.

    Carl Braaten also does a good job of dismantling the progressive argument in the book “Reclaiming The Bible For The Church “by Braaten & Robert Jensen.

    They may not be United Methodist but they certainly employ criteria that Methodist’s hold dear and
    this is not an issue exclusive to the UMC but impacts all of Christianity.

    Not a serious issue…?
    Just stop and think how Christian principles and practices taken from scripture impact the law and how those laws effect your everyday life.
    A very serious issue.

        1. d, the point I was attempting to make was that anyone can take the bible “seriously” without submitting to it. I could get a PhD in Bible without every submitting to the first rule within it. I suggest that not every one who takes the bible seriously is submitting to it, but everyone who is submitting to the Bible is already taking it seriously, and need not try to convince others that they do.

  2. This is a great beginning to a discussion that needs to occur. We can discuss issue after issue, approaching those issues with different ways of reading the Bible, or we can go to the main issue of the day which is how to read the Bible. Thank you for posting both of these!

  3. Roger Wolsey’s proposal is a stifling labyrinth that some of us have (thankfully) escaped from to breathe a purer air again. If you can avoid the influence of a cunning, corrupting illuminati, don’t go there. So many of our pastors are trapped in the maze.

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