The pulpit committee emergency meeting #LukeActs2014

He taught in their synagogues and was praised by everyone. (Luke 4:15, CEB)

It is interesting to see where the worm turns in Luke 4.

Jesus returns in the power of the Holy Spirit from his testing in the wilderness. He teaches in the synagogues around Galilee. Every one praises him.

Jesus goes up on the Sabbath and reads the passage from the prophet about good news to the poor and liberation for the oppressed. He sits and says that he has fulfilled that prophecy. They are all agog at his wisdom and grace.

Then they note that he is a hometown boy, and things turn for the worse.

He announces that the healing he did up the way in Capernaum will not be done in Nazareth. He tells them of a widow and a Gentile general who were blessed by Elijah and Elisha, even while the rest of the world went hungry and sick.

He tells them these stories. The cheering stops. The lynch mob forms in the narthex. They march him out to the nearest cliff.

What kind of God will we worship? When does our praise for God stop?

In Nazareth it had something to do with God in Jesus Christ saying he had no healing for them that day. Or so it seems to me while reading today.