Are you Kodachrome or megapixel?

Here are two posts the sum up two poles of the conversation about “what should the church do” in response to today’s challenges.

First, we have a forceful statement of the church-growth mindset that has been a powerful influence in the American Protestant church for my entire life.

The Church’s Frightful Kodak Moment

Second, we have the dissenting statement that sees church growth as a serious misunderstanding of church and resists the use of business as a model for church.

A Poorly Developed Picture

I personally lean temperamentally toward the second point-of-view. I find folks such as Henri Nouwen and Eugene Peterson persuasive when they write about the church and the role of the pastor. The first view, especially its urgency about the work of the church, fits better I think our Wesleyan traditions and the examples of our most visible United Methodist pastors.

This, of course, creates tension for me.


4 thoughts on “Are you Kodachrome or megapixel?

  1. We can learn from both of these posts. My wife, lead pastor of a small (but earnest) academically-focused United Methodist Church, “rests” by serving lattes at the vivacious jumbo-sized Assembles of God Church nearby. Strange, isn’t it? But it’s the real picture. Heuristics plays a role. That is, her experience in both settings provides a self-educating mechanism about being the church today.

  2. Why do I preach megapixel , urging out-side-the-box thinking, then ask to see Kodachrome clear charts of numbers relating to each program? I have seen megapixel pictures become disorganized unrecognizable blobs. I have seen colorful charts of congregations dying from lack new outside pixels of possibilities. They chant: “It would be nice, but we cannot afford it.” meaning it is not in their present Kodachromed format. . Fortunately, most in the later category got a visionary leader who made the whole pie bigger instead of trying to make more slice colors within the same spectrum. Basically I feel the United Methodist Church needs clear color delineation, but some should be iridescent , outside the traditional hues. Events and activities that highlight unique cultural, personal pixels should not blur the clear kodachrome of our discipline and decisions of General Conference. .

  3. How do we loose ourselves from our fleshly desires to create “the church” and actually begin revealing the church through the revelation of the Living Christ radiating outward from us? The whole world will see Christ. Nobody wants to see another church “new and improved” method of playing church.

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