Is Your God Big Enough?

Chad Holtz on why he gave up universalism.

umc holiness

In his book, The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus Christ, Peter Gomes shared a story about an interview he did alongside Rick Warren.  During the interview he chided Warren for not having a big enough God who would one day save everyone.   The implication Gomes made was that if God could not or would not save every human being then this God was rather small.


Several years ago I read Gomes’ book with admiration, nodding my head and amen’ing my approval.   I, too, thought the God I served was bigger than the God of my youth and of most Christians I knew because I was convinced that one day all would be saved.   I spent a lot of time and energy (even costing me my job as pastor) trying to convince others that my God was bigger than your God.

But in making God so big…

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