Would they ordain Talbot Davis in Colorado?

Talbot Davis writes about the regional differences in United Methodism:

The theology of the UMC west of the Great Plains and north of the Mason Dixie line is much more left-leaning than here in the south.  In fact, it’s very likely that given my understanding of biblical inspiration, human sexuality, and even the way we refer to God, that the Methodists in those places would not ordain me.  My favorite story about all this:  in the late 80s a young pastor from Colorado was attempting to become ordained in the UMC in that state.  However, when he told those evaluating him for ordained ministry that he referred to God as Father (sort of like you-know-who did), his ordination board refused his application.  He ended up applying to our Annual Conference (called the Western North Carolina Annual Conference), receiving ordination, subsequently winning the Harry Denman Award for effective pastoring, and currently leads one of our largest churches.  And he still calls God Father.  Thank you Colorado!

If you are interested, here is the website for the church Davis serves.


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