The church ad I’ve never seen

I want to read a church advertisement some day that goes like this:

Come worship with us. We don’t sing too well. We might not reach out to you too well the first day you show up. Or we might barrage you with guest cards and hover over you like vultures on fresh meat. The sermon can drag on some Sundays. And some days you just are going to wonder if the pastor has any idea what he is trying to say. Some of us are hypocrites. Some of us are mean. A few of us are co-dependent and just looking for someone to latch on to. But here is the good news. You aren’t coming here to worship the church. We worship Jesus. We’re a mess. If you are a mess, too, come join us. Worship starts at 11 a.m. If the pastor does not shut up by noon, we let him know about it.

Okay, I would not likely respond to that ad, either. But wouldn’t be nice if we were free of the illusion that the church should be perfect when it is made up of sinners who are still going on to perfection.


5 thoughts on “The church ad I’ve never seen

  1. I think I might respond to that ad at this point in my life. I’m pretty much convinced that I’m not good enough for the megachurch I’ve been attending for 10 years. I’m tired of scrambling to fit in.

  2. I’d go to that church. I like authenticity. Plus, it sounds like they know what they’re SUPPOSED to be even if they don’t always live up to it.

  3. The description might fit our church, where I attend to support my mother, who has been a member 78 years, and would not consider going elsewhere on Sunday morning. My sister and I have worked to start some vibrant small groups, either study or task oriented. The D.S. has indicated he is aware of our situation, but I despair that even a different appointment may not lift us out of our doldrums. Honesty would not bring people into our nice building.

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