Flat soda Methodism

Bishop Mike Lowry has written about an interview in which horror writer Stephen King compares his childhood Methodist upbringing to a flat bottle of soda.

Yankee religion, King called it.


3 thoughts on “Flat soda Methodism

  1. John, this past Sunday, I attended the unveiling of an historical marker at a Methodist Church in Bishop Lowry’s Episcopacy. I had read about this event while attending a General Commission on Religion and Race Board meeting in Baltimore and, returning to Texas on Saturday, placed it on my calendar to attend on Sunday. Now I know the Bishop and Conference staff are busy folks, but not a single Conference representative attended the recognition of 135 years of service to this community. How sad for this congregation. And how ironic that Bishop Lowry would make the comment he did.

  2. King, A self professing double minded man.
    How ironic!

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
    From the Book of James

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