When the parsonage is a mansion

Luke Harms asks an interesting question:

Here is a story with more information about the situation.


4 thoughts on “When the parsonage is a mansion

  1. How I wish our own bishops were so firm about upholding the doctrine and discipline of the United Methodist Church as the past two popes seem to be of Roman Catholic doctrine and discipline.

  2. At the end of “Schindler’s List” there is a scene in which the protagonist, in the midst of being praised, starts looking around at all the things he could have done without in order to save just one more life. It is easy for me to lob rocks at pastors/bishops who live in luxury. However, then I wonder how the people who come to the food bank I help with look at me. I wonder how the poor in my community view a pastor who can simply turn up the heat when it gets cold or go to the store when their kid needs a new pair of shoes.

    It’s easy for me to judge, but it isn’t my job. So, my question is, how do we offer grace to Rev. Furtick and the Bishop of Bling? How can we convince ourselves that materialism isn’t the answer to life’s important questions?

    1. Great questions at the end and convicting. They remind me as well of the risk of saying to myself, “thank goodness I am not like that sinner.”

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