A report about the church in China

I found this report on the United Bible Societies blog a great glimpse into public face of the church in China.

But the most memorable thing for me was to see this for myself. I’ll never forget the sight of queues and queues of people waiting to enter one of the 6 Sunday services at Haidian Church in Beijing. Located in a busy IT area of the city, the church attracts around 1,000 people to each of its services. Around 600 people can fit into the main church service on the first floor, while the overflow – another few hundred people – sit in the basement, watching the service on a large screen. Even this is not enough – many more people sit or stand outside to listen to the service, which is broadcast on loudspeakers. To me this was incredible – there, in a busy IT area of China’s capital city, the Gospel is being broadcast in a public area!

Health care from volunteers through the Bible and medical van ministry Queuing up for free health checks. It was also moving to see Chinese Christianity in action in another way through the Bible and medical van ministry. Bible Societies have provided these vans in several Chinese provinces but it is local Christian volunteers, including nurses and doctors, who go into poor communities to offer free medical help. Hundreds of people in Baoding City in Hebei Province queued up outside a tent whose banner read, ‘Health checks and medicine from Christians’. And the delighted look on the faces of those who received Bibles at a local church said it all!

The one thing I know about global Christianity is that I know very little about it.