Back pain as a spiritual discipline

On Sunday, I preached about healing.

This morning I hurt my back. I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I suddenly found it painful to stand up or sit down and walking was not a lot of fun. Keep me away from stairs, please. Fortunately, most of my day was sitting in chairs talking with students about their writing.

The day and my relatively minor pains gave me a little glimpse of what many people deal with every day.

For a while, I prayed to God for healing and a removal of the pain. And then I prayed that my eyes and mind and heart be opened by my pain. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to teach me what God wants to me to learn from this.

I am not sure what I have learned so far. I am a slow learner.

I’m not saying I have any special spiritual insight. But I am trying to learn how the Spirit uses my life.


8 thoughts on “Back pain as a spiritual discipline

  1. I suffered from odd twinges in my back for some time. A few years ago I attended a revival meeting in Lakeland, Florida–primarily out of curiosity. I was there for a service at kind of an “off” time–Monday afternoon. In that environment, thick with the Holy Spirit, I spent some time praising God and singing with about 150 people. As I left, I noticed that my back pain was gone! There was no spooky prayer or wild, weird stuff. Simple worship and praise in the presence of the Holy Spirit was enough. I didn’t even request prayer for my back–the healing was a simple gift of God. The back pain has never returned.

  2. I always think it is notable when a life-event matches preaching. Invariably after I preached on the Good Samaritan story, I would find someone metaphorically lying wounded on the road on Sunday afternoon…It was almost spooky.

  3. I think that it will be a good idea for the people who are having a low back pain and they should try to alleviate their pain with the help of spiritual care.

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