If Hank Williams Jr. wrote theology

About as “Outlaw” as I ever get is singing Willie Nelson songs while driving with the windows open on my Honda Civic. Yes, yes, I know.

Jason Vickers, who claims a deeper devotion to Hank and Willie and Waylon, asks whether we need the outlaw spirit among our clergy and theologians. Specifically, he asks:

Do we need outlaw theologians and outlaw clergy? What laws would such people resist in the academy and church? Are there laws in the academy and church that need to be resisted? And what would resistance look like for the theologian or for a clergy person? What are the Nashvilles that they should refuse to participate in? Where and how should they work? For whom should they work? To what other law should they be true?
To understand some of the questions, you have to go read his post. And he’d probably find it easier to read your answers there. So, take this link to join in the conversation.


I’ll be in the corner sorting through my James Taylor CDs.