Allan Bevere: The House in Which the Church Lives

Allan Bevere writes about the importance, the centrality, of doctrine in the life of the Christian and the church.


2 thoughts on “Allan Bevere: The House in Which the Church Lives

  1. I get what he is saying in his blog post….I mean the Christian faith, more than any other, is based on doctrine. The doctrines of the deity of Christ…the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ….the resurrection of Christ….and salvation by grace through faith alone…..these are all absolutely essential and non-negotiable. If any of these is removed, the faith is empty and void. And of course, there are other doctrines in the Christian faith that are very important, such as the Trinity, the inspiration of Scripture, and the reality of the eternal state. I also realize that if any of these points case division…..then so be it…. since any denying these doctrines need to be separated from the church. These core crucial doctrines cannot be twisted, denied, or altered to suit one’s own agenda.

    There are many other important biblical doctrine as well….way too many to mention….but just a few would be our Biblical teaching on abortion, homosexuality, murder, prostitution, etc…. . These can’t be causes of division….and if they do cause division….again….so be it.

    But there are also certain doctrine that though important….may not fall under the “crucial” doctrines that have caused tremendous amounts of division in the Body of Christ. These would be things such as the timing of the rapture, tongues in prayer, premillennialism vs. millennialism, etc… . I understand that every Christian doctrine carries some importance. On these less crucial doctrine there are found on both sides, Christ loving believers.

    After reading this blog post several times, I just couldn’t escape a certain uneasiness in my heart. I mean, we know how God feels about all of our different denominations and how even though they may bring about micro-unity within themselves…..ultimately they remain effectively a divisive instrument in the Body of Christ. Honestly….I read this guys blog….and though I am a believer in Christ just as he is….his words made me feel like a total outsider. It was all about Wesley and Methodism. He acknowledges Christians, but even then the implication seemed he was only referring to those in his denomination.

    What if everyone from all the differing denominations would throw aside preconceptions, biases, and presupposition. What if everyone from all the differing denominations would disregard for a moment all their man-made traditions and trinkets and carefully planed out hierarchies and just accepted the Christian doctrines the Bible teaches…..then division would not be a problem. But….we are all fallen and sin-infected beings. And this sin prevents ANY OF US from perfectly understanding and applying God’s Word. And…..not understanding and submitting to Christian doctrine is what causes division…..not doctrine itself.

    And this is perhaps the greatest tragedy…..the vehement desire to preserve and elevate denominational doctrine has a louder voice then the sweet….simple…..all power holding Christian doctrine. The Body of Christ has been deceived by the “father of lies”…….because in reality ……the Christian doctrine is the only thing that leads to true, full, and biblical unity within the Body of Christ. But we….instead of building that house in which the church lives……have built a prison cell instead.

    1. Here is my problem with what you are arguing, Duane. The divisions come because people read the Scripture and come to different conclusions about what it is saying.

      Wesley divided from Calvinism and got into arguments with the Church of England not to defend what he thought were pet theories of his own, but out of allegiance to Scripture as he understood it.

      Loyalty to a denomination because it is a denomination is a kind of blindness. But ending up in a denomination because you all read Scripture the same way is just an outcome of the fact that we do not all see clearly.

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