Blackballing Eddie Fox a horrible idea

Someone needs to explain this to me. I really don’t understand.

United Methodists are protesting the decision of Candler School of Theology to honor Eddie Fox as a distinguished alumnus. Here are three blog posts about it: 1, 2, 3.

I understand that people disagree with the UMC’s teaching and law on human sexuality. But do people really believe Fox should be shunned because he supports the Book of Discipline? Are people really standing up with protest signs because he honors his vows of ordination?

By any definition, he is a distinguished United Methodist. You don’t have to embrace everything he believes to acknowledge that. You just have to be willing to be the least bit fair minded.

Blackballing him for being a United Methodist is a horrible idea.

12 thoughts on “Blackballing Eddie Fox a horrible idea

  1. “United Methodists are protesting” seems like a rather broad generalization, considering that all three blog posts you cited are from RMNblog.

    “Some United Methodists whose views agree with those of RMNblog are protesting” might be more accurate.

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