Time for new shoes

We noticed the other day that one of Luc’s little toes had a hot spot on it where his shoes were rubbing.

With his communication challenges, injuries and hurts are often a mystery to us. Some times he is so sensitive to even the lightest touch. Other times he seems to not notice at all something that looks quite painful. In many ways, I fear, he puts up with a lot discomforts that we never know about.

The worst, of course, is when he is clearly in distress of some sort and cannot explain it to us in a way we understand. This, thankfully, was not one of those times. This was just a sign that we needed new shoes.

We went to our favorite shoe store and discovered that there is this odd gap in shoe sizing for boys. The boys sizes go up to a 6 or 7 and the men’s sizes start at a 7 or 8, but — at least according to our shoe store — kids shoe makers don’t make many shoes at the high end of their range and men’s shoe makers don’t make many at the low end of theirs.

This seems bizarre to me given that every boy in America is going to need shows in that size gap at some point. Then I thought that maybe this explains why boys of a certain age seem to be tripping over their feet all the time. They can’t get shoes in their actual size.

We found some shoes that we think will work, but they need to be ordered to get the wide version. So we’ll watch that toe for a few more days. And we’ll get ready to hide his old shoes when the new ones come.


6 thoughts on “Time for new shoes

  1. It is rare for ANYBODY to find shoes that fit, I think. People don’t come in standard sizes. We are all pretty much misfits. As a teacher, I am very aware that kids don’t learn according to prescribed state education standards either. That is a major problem when public school teachers are evaluated based on the results of standardized tests.

    God makes us all unique–in shoe size, body size, and learning rate/ability. Praise the Lord! Isn’t that amazing?

  2. Go to the women’s section of the shoe store. The sizes will run smaller. There will be wide sizes available. If New Balance doesn’t offer the color, style desired, Asics, etc. will.

    1. We were able to find a pair of kids’ 7 shoes that should work — had to place an order. But that is a good idea.

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