Blog changes

I started this blog five years ago with a fairly narrow focus.

It was a place for me to write about Wesleyan theology and raise various questions about United Methodism. These topics are still important to me. But they are not all of me. And while blogging works better when the writer keeps a narrow focus, I find doing that has become more constricting than I’d like.

So, I’m importing content from two other blogs I’ve dabbled with from time to time and broadening the focus on this blog, which is just another way of saying I’m going to be less constrained in what I write about. This will make the blog in some ways more personal and less interesting to those of you who read it because of what it has been. My apologies to all who find the changes not to your taste.

To those who continue to read, Methodism, John Wesley, and the Christianity will still be popping up here on a regular basis. I look forward to continuing our conversations.

Until then, be well.



4 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. Christianity as a body is the most fascinating of all studies.
    One book. One Holy book guides and demands one to look into every discipline known to man to really understand . History, architecture, literature, culture, language, personality, politics, current events and even medicine are explored at some point. I have never read a line in scripture that did not spur a question and require a little research . God has no limits and what was written long ago and all that follows is a testimony of that truth.

    You give no hint to where you are headed in the future.
    Should be interesting.

  2. Thanks for your contribution to the digital fellowship. At the risk of sounding like flackery, your posts and First Things or Christianity Today have been back-to-back “clicks” for me.

    1. Gary, thank you for the kind words. I find the comments often are the best part of the blog, so I am grateful for the readers.

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