Pope Francis is a Roman Catholic

My friend Jeremiah Gibbs has written his response to media coverage of Pope Francis.

The media has made a big deal out of Pope Francis’s recent open letter. They have an uncanny ability to mess up all things theological, and I think this is no different. But then, “The Pope Teaches What the Church Has Always Taught” is not a very tantalizing headline.

His whole post is worth a couple minutes of your time, especially if you have people in your church or life who are reading the media coverage of the Pope and getting a distorted impression of his ministry.

If you are interested, Pope Francis’ full letter to the Italian newspaper that gave rise to the most recent flurry of media coverage is published in English here.


3 thoughts on “Pope Francis is a Roman Catholic

  1. Thanks John. I really wish I had thought of this as my title. 🙂 The truth is that the title left it vague so that people would have to click to find out what I thought. But I like the irony of your title better. 🙂

    1. Thank you.
      I did not see your piece until after I posted and responded to Guyton’s blog on the Pope Francis letter.
      I found a copy translated on la Repubblica.it where the letter was originally posted.

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