Abandoning defense, doing proper work

H. Richard Niebuhr in his little book The Meaning of Revelation wrestles with the meaning of revelation and the difficulties the concept has provided theologians in the modern period. In the first chapter, however, he notes a period during which the revelation vs. reason debate was set aside.

With Wesley, Whitefield, Edwards, and their associates, Christianity abandoned the defense of revelation as well as the attack on reason; it turned rather to its proper work of preaching the gospel, of exorcising the demons which inhabit human hearts and guiding souls to fellowship with a holy spirit.


One thought on “Abandoning defense, doing proper work

  1. Historicism, How do you define the word ?
    Is eschatology valid when historicism is considered?
    Just wondering what your thoughts are?

    It is getting harder to do a defense of Christianity… period.
    I ran across an article in Christianity Today yesterday titled, “Do Religions Produce More Child Sex Abusers?” by Terry Firma and the response by Matthew Branaugh.
    Then I went to Firma’s site to see what he wrote to support his conclusions.
    Although, I am 100% against Firma’s position on the C.C. I was taken back.
    The stories he posts are valid. I checked many out and found them to be true. He provides links, pictures and more.

    It’s going to take a few days to recover from some of the stories I read.
    I have a new appreciation of Paul’s directives to set an example and a new understanding of the anger Christ expressed against hypocrisy and why laws are necessary.

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