Vickers on a new collection of Wesley’s sermons

Jason Vickers, co-editor of a new collection of the sermons of John Wesley, talks with Patheos about the book, Wesley’s theology, and Pelagian boogeymen.

I attend the seminary through its flexible hybrid program, but this quote made me wish I could be here during the traditional academic year:

At my seminary, for example, I will be leading a group of students and interested faculty and staff through the collection one sermon at a time on Tuesday mornings. It will take us a little more than a year to work through all sixty sermons, but we will do so in a spirit of prayer and open conversation about everything from the idea that we are made the image of God to sin and grace, salvation through Christ, assurance, sanctification, and the like. But the spirit of this exercise will be devotional and confessional, not theoretical. Indeed, I think everything hinges on how you approach the sermons themselves. We will be reading the sermons, but there is also a sense in which we will be allowing the sermons to read us, or at least to put questions to us.


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  1. Hi John!

    I purchased this collection through the encouragement of Dr. Collins. It is excellent. Other collections always seemed to me to be without any sort of flow, but this one begins at creation, goes through the order of salvation, and ends with the eschatological vision of eternity. My only complaint is that I thought it might update the language a bit. I’m still not sure I could walk a group of laity through the readings, as a lot of the King Jamesy languages is retained.

    Many blessings,

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