Those singing Methodists

I was sitting in my church history class this morning when the sound of singing came rolling down the hall at United Theological Seminary. Professor Oconer’s United Methodist History class was singing “Love Divine All Love’s Excelling.” They were loud and spirited singers, like all good Methodists should be.

It reminded me of the year before when I had been in that class. It reminded me of times at Annual Conference or Course of Study school when large groups of United Methodists had sung the great old Wesleyan hymns together.

I just love that sound.

I hope that no matter how we change, we never lose the habit of singing these great, old songs together.


7 thoughts on “Those singing Methodists

    1. Story I read — forget where at the moment so no link — quoted the Presbyterians as saying it was cut not for the ‘wrath’ language but over the word ‘satisfied,’ which they interpreted as a nod to Anselm’s atonement theory, which the committee rejected.

      I don’t agree for cutting for that reason either, and people who don’t like Anselm are not going to like some of Wesley’s language either, but I’m not sure that ‘wrath’ is the problem.

      1. There are multiple news agencies that report.
        I always try to read at least three on any one topic.
        Where we get our info makes a difference.

  1. Good, passionate singing is all too rare. Often in today’s church we cover up the voices of a congregation with a loud, band. As much as I LIKE contemporary worship, I miss being able to hear the human voices. It IS thrilling to hear people sing in worship.

    On a slightly different topic, I don’t think we should think of worship and music to be synonyms. True worship may occur without any music at all, and music is not always worship.

  2. I know the experience of which you speak John. I give God thanks for an old saint of the church named Belton Joyner for leading us in that same practice. Look up his book, if you’re not familiar, ‘Being Methodist in the Bible Belt” Peace

  3. I was in that Oconer class and thrilled to sing with the others in the room. Last night I was thrilled to sing with others at the New Songs & Hymns Celebration Concert at Concord UMC. I find that it is only in church, when I join with others, that I find my true singing voice.

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