NT Wright and Methodism

I’m curious if any of you have a similar experience.

The more I read N.T. Wright, the more I see that Methodism grew out of Anglicanism. Almost everything he writes reminds me of John Wesley. I know Wright is not a Methodist, but I see how we United Methodists are the theological descendants and cousins to Anglicans.


6 thoughts on “NT Wright and Methodism

  1. Yes, I feel that way too. I have been reading some other Anglicans, and there is such a close connection.

  2. Wesley was, after all, an Anglican priest. I always say we are one divorce and a war away from being Catholic. One great big family tree. (King Henry VII’s divorce; Revolutionary War-hard to be Anglican during that war).

  3. …and N.T. Wright is not opaque on the matter of homosexual practice, or confused about the biblical message on this point, as Hamilton and Slaughter seem to be. Even those who disagree with N.T. Wright appreciate his lucid clarity.

  4. I agree about Wright and more generally about Methodism’s rise out of Anglicanism. I think this could pose a problem for the American UMC in the future. Seems to me the Anglicans today look more like the old Methodists than the united Methodists do. I’m seeing a number of young seminarians go the direction of the Anglican Church. If that continues, it could rob the UMC of some of its best developing pastors and leaders.

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