Until she writes the book: Missiology 101

Taylor Walters Denyer is writing about missiology out of her experiences in the Congo.

It promises to be a series that raises challenging questions and prompts new thinking.

The first post is here. (Actually, the preview to the first post is here.)


4 thoughts on “Until she writes the book: Missiology 101

    1. It is an interesting post. Wesley tended to spiritualize the Beattitudes more than Deyner does.

      Solidarity is an interesting word to have in this discussion because I don’t think it ever enters into Wesley’s understanding of his relationship with the poor and marginalized (another word he never used).

      He famously did not do really well as a missionary in America. I wonder how he would do in the Congo.

  1. Well, his “heart-warming” experience occurred AFTER his sojourn in America. I suspect if he had known the assurance and Power of God when he was in Georgia, he would have done better.

    I don’t see Wesley “spiritualizing” the Beatitudes except perhaps in his writing. In reading his journal, I believe he tried to live them from day to day. For example, he EXPECTED taunts and jeers from crowds he was preaching to, and from church authorities. He wondered what HE was doing wrong when he was NOT facing such push-back. His simple living was a witness of solidarity with the poor (even though he did not use that word.)

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