Morgan Guyton on the Eucharist

Morgan Guyton writes about the Eucharist:

For the first 1500 years of Christianity, the high point of every worship gathering was Eucharist. The sermon served to prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the body and blood of Christ. In today’s Protestantism, the sermon has replaced Eucharist as the focal point of our worship. And the individualistic altar call has replaced the communal table as the congregation’s standard response to the proclaimed word. I wonder if this change is the reason that the Protestant gospel became more about hell than the heavenly banquet that Eucharist proclaims.


3 thoughts on “Morgan Guyton on the Eucharist

  1. I was wondering, have you experimented with weekly Eucharistic at churches where you were the pastor?

  2. Asbury has placed a big focus on the Eucharist in recent years under the influence of both Bob Stamps and emerging American Anglicanism. I hope to help return the Eucharist to its proper place in worship in the congregations I serve. It fell out of weekly use at least partly in the American Methodist church because you had to have a pastor to do it and in many areas they didn’t have a pastor (see circuit riders) all that often! Wesley took communion multiple times a week through much of his life.

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