Dispatches from the wings

Perhaps it is a sign of a character defect, but I make a regular habit of reading two blogs from the activist wings of United Methodism. The Reconciling Ministries Network Blog offers a steady stream of posts from the liberal wing of the church. The Institute of Religion and Democracy’s Juicy Ecumenism blog sounds off from the conservative battlements.

Both blogs write a lot about sexuality. Both are unapologetically political in their analysis of the denomination. Neither likes the mushy middle where so many conflicted United Methodists dwell.

Here are a pair of recent posts from each blog that made me stop and go “hmmm.”

From the right: “Liberal United Methodists ‘Not Optimistic’ about Future of Denomination

From the left: “Marriage Anxieties



2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the wings

  1. I have been suffering from a lack of C&C Music Factory of late. Thanks for including that.

    The RMN blog was interesting to me because I’ve always been a little curious about the Q in LGBTQIA. What does that mean? I have never really gotten a good answer to that question, especially when juxtaposed against the L or the G. This blog starts to give a glimpse into what that might be about, although I don’t think it contained a complete answer.

    Conversely, I couldn’t get the IRD blog to come up correctly.

    Let me say that I appreciate your taking the time to read both sides. From what I read in your blog, I believe that you do so with a listening heart for both “sides” of our denomination. I think that it is sometimes easy to simply go to the sites that contain a perspective that confirms what my itching ears want to hear. Thanks for being a good example in being expansive.

  2. Hmmmm … the IRD link works for me. I’m not sure what is wrong.

    Thank you for your kind words. I strive to listen and learn, even when people come from places that I cannot fully understand.

    I do think there is a scripture verse somewhere about a famine of C&C Music Factory in the land.

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