Wesley on vital congregations

From a review John Wesley wrote about a work of church history:

I have likewise some objection to what Dr. Mosheim writes concerning the internal state of the church. He does not seem clearly to understand what the internal state of the church means. He tells you the state of learning, the form of government, the doctrine, the rites and ceremonies, in each century; but certainly all these put together teach us very little of its internal state. The internal state of individual Christians, and the Christian church in general, is undoubtedly something far deeper, and widely different from this. When righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost abound therein, then the internal state of the church is good. When these are generally wanting, the internal state of the church is certainly bad. Consequently, by the increase or decrease of these, its internal state is to be estimated.

How do I record these things on my conference dashboard, I wonder?

3 thoughts on “Wesley on vital congregations

  1. Good question: how we do record these? Then again, Wesley would want to know how the internal state is bearing the fruit of that same Spirit…

  2. No, you can’t record these things on a dashboard. But I know some district superintendents (not all) who appreciate narrative accounts of such things. Perhaps there should be a spot for narrative testimonies in our weekly reporting.

    1. In our conference there is such a box, although I do not know whether it gets read or not. Perhaps I should start writing in those boxes and see if anyone notices.

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