The missing generation

This is a video I will watch again. It is a talk about how to contextualize the church in 21st century Britain. It speaks to us, too.

6 thoughts on “The missing generation

  1. The part about the importance of peers strikes me as particularly challenging for the church today. How do we find peers for that 18-30 generation to effectively share / translate the gospel without putting more pressure on those who have stayed in the church or jettisoning the older generations as unimportant / outdated?

  2. The “power of the peer” is an intriguing premise. But I also detect a whiff of that old infectious nostrum, the “power of youth” to create the new man (“homo novus”). We want to believe youth can become its own savior. But it may just as easily become executioner. That’s how Jacob Fest described the Nazi new man, “not hampered either by experience or by respect for the rules of the game”…and shrinking from nothing it conceived. Youth is not our savior. We need saving, yes. There is a Savior, for whom there can be no substitute, and that’s the heart of the gospel.

  3. Ahhh, brilliant point Gary. And a critical reason why we don’t want to be jettisoning an older generation JB. It’s a good challenge to think about empowerment rather than the generations functioning in isolation to one another.

    John – I like you blog 🙂

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