Canterbury & Rome

Here’s a British Catholic’s take on the similarities between the new Archbishop of Canterbury and the new Pope. It gets beyond some of the headlines and media glitz, especially on offering a picture of Pope Francis. For instance:

The future Pope Francis was never a typical Latin American Jesuit. He distrusted Catholic liberation theologians, preferring the company of evangelicals who entered the slums to preach about God and Satan rather than models of economic justice.

3 thoughts on “Canterbury & Rome

  1. I’m not familiar with the Archbishop. Is the point that he prefers the company of evangelicals as well?

      1. The Church of England, still charting a middle way, alternates Archbishoprics between men with an evangelical bent and those with a catholic leaning. Rowan Williams supposedly represented a catholic orientation, although I never understood how, and it makes sense that the new guy would be more evangelical in his understanding and preferences.

        But I wouldn’t refer to Pope Francis as an evangelically oriented Pope. Benedict and JPII weren’t enthusiastic about liberation theology either. What the three share(d), as all modern Popes have, is a rigorous orthodoxy and that is also sometimes emphasized by evangelically oriented Protestants. I think that’s the more apt comparison.

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