Do good to body and soul

In John Wesley’s “The Character of a Methodist” he concludes his list of attributes of a Methodist with a description of what it means to do good.

As he has time, he “does good unto all men;” unto neighbours and strangers, friends and enemies: And that in every possible kind; not only to their bodies, by “feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those that are sick or in prison;” but much more does he labour to do good to their souls, as of the ability which God giveth; to awaken those that sleep in death; to bring those who are awakened to the atoning blood, that, “being justified by faith, they may have peace with God;” and to provoke those who have peace with God to abound more in love and in good works. And he is willing to “spend and be spent herein,” even “to be offered up on the sacrifice and service of their faith,” so they may “all come unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.”

That first phrase “as he has time” does not mean “with whatever spare time is left after rest and leisure and fun.”

Note that Wesley assumes as a starting point that we are attending to the physical needs people have. How hard it is to do even this. But most of his words in this brief passage are about doing good to the souls of people.


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