Looking for visual preaching resources

My favorite blogging DS has a good post about what United Methodist pastors need to unlearn. In it, he includes some conversation about what he thinks we need to learn — including the art of visual communication. (I seem to recall Len Sweet making this same argument for the last 20 years.)

I am — surprise — a person who is still very oriented to print culture and in need of some help moving beyond thinking in terms of two kinds of communication — written and oral.

For those of you who have been learning how to make the sermon a multi-channel communication (auditory, visual, written, kinesthetic, etc.) experience, what resources have helped you learn to do that?


4 thoughts on “Looking for visual preaching resources

  1. You’re correct in saying this is a saw for Len Sweet. His old acrostic was E.P.I.C. experiential (rather than just listening and thinking) Participatory (rather than observer) Image-based (need sight, pictures, artwork) and Communal (“be” the church rather than “go” to church)

    Shane Hipps also has a lot to say about both how the technology works sociologically/psychologically on our soul with a healthy dose of Marshall McLuhan “the medium is the message” ramifications of our preaching. It’s a great lesson in awareness as you enter into using this stuff.

    Marcia McFee has some great stuff for using “anchor images” to hold people and sustain their imagination long past the preaching event.

    Emergents in general have a lot to share on the big picture.

    hope that helps.


    1. Josh, like what you have to say, only wish I could understand it! Yup, it’s time for this Ol’ dog to retire!

  2. Thanks John! He is my second favorite DS . I thought Paradigm Shift was good (gave a copy to my congregation). This is good too.

  3. John, I did my D-Min project on the use of multi-media in worship. It takes a significant mind-shift to learn to think and order worship using these far more participatory and visual methods. They don’t work as add-ins, but do work as the metaphoric center of the worship service. They key is discerning what metaphor will be faithful to the core message of the biblical text.

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