Do it anyway

In his fourth sermon on the Sermon on the Mount, John Wesley engages in a lengthy argument in favor of social and active religion. In this, he is attempting to counter those who argue that Christians should withdraw into solitary contemplation or cease to proclaim the gospel to non-believers.

At one point, he responds to the criticism that good people do not need Christians urging them to seek Christ and bad people will never listen to such exhortations.

(1.) Whether they will finally be lost or saved, you are expressly commanded to feed the hungry, and clothe the naked. If you can, and do not, whatever becomes of them, you shall go away into everlasting fire. (2.) Though it is God only changes hearts, yet he generally doth it by man. It is our part to do all that in us lies, as diligently as if we could change them ourselves, and then to leave the event to him.


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