Sex and holiness

Rachel Held Evans and her prolific comment posters have a fascinating conversation going on sexuality and holiness.

Perhaps instead of virginity…or even purity (which carries something of an either/or connotation, I think)…we ought to talk about the path of holiness.  Holiness, to me, means committing every area of my life— from sex, to food, to time, to work—to the lordship of Jesus. It means asking how I might love God and love my neighbors in those areas so that the Spirit can grow love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in the sacred soil of everyday life.

Holiness isn’t about sticking to a list of rules. It isn’t something you either have or don’t have, keep or lose. It’s a way of life, filled with twists and turns, mistakes and growth, uncertainty and reward. And, (to make matters even worse for the fundamentalists), a holy lifestyle often looks different from person to person, though the fruit of the Spirit is the same.

3 thoughts on “Sex and holiness

  1. For a woman that wants to get away from the term virginity I find it ironic she waves her flag of honor by expressing she was a virgin when she married.
    Virginity was valued in days of old because of dowries. The virgin was worth more to the family in terms of wealth. The virgin brought a better price.

    One man with one women and the concept of virgin union in the Christian context is about the joining of one man with one women in a physical as well as a spiritual sense approved by God.

    I would also take her up on the rules part.
    Love your neighbor is a rule.
    Do not commit adultery is a rule.

    I admit I have not read the book so I only have the post to go by.

  2. I am also going to say this is the very thing that drives feminists and the liberal wing nuts.

    We need to take a closer look at the motive behind the rule.
    The demand for virginity in the world view was for personal gain and status of the family.
    Both highly valued.

    Gods motives are very different.
    Because God loves women God has set standards that are good for us.
    Gods laws or rules that protect women from poverty, sexually transmitted disease, abuse.and assure financial security.

    Those things are evidenced by Gods absolute demand on the church that widows are to be cared for. God cared about the plight of women.
    Cervical cancer that is caused by multiple unprotected sexual partners rarely seen in young women years ago is seen often today.
    God is protecting and Gods motives are good.

    The rules are not just for the female. They apply to the male also.

  3. Actually this is directly related to your other post about the UMC doctrine of salvation. People who need for holiness to be about rules reveal that they are earning their salvation by following the rules.

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