Signs of life in the small church

Pastoring a small church, I am reminded this week, is full of wonderful signs of life.

One church spent the week hosting Vacation Bible School. It was not as large a VBS as your church, probably, but the attendance of children and adults was higher than our average Sunday worship attendance. I bet Church of the Resurrection can’t say that! You can see some photo evidence of the week over at the church’s web site (if you like looking at other people’s vacation photos).

At the other church today we gathered around at the end of the worship service and laid hands on two members who were going off to South Dakota for a mission trip organized by the conference. The congregation had spent the last couple of weeks gathering up supplies and money to support their trip.

If there has been any weakness of late at the two little churches it has been the pastor. My sermons have been sub-par the last few weeks. It is good to know that life comes from places other than the pulpit.


2 thoughts on “Signs of life in the small church

  1. Less than half VBS youngsters attend regular services. Many go to a couple different church VBS weeks in the summer. Dinners and special forums attract folks from far and wide, where community of interests are shared. Small churches can be hubs for society.

  2. Thanks for the VBS pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time. Also, like the Erie UMC web site. Thanks!

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