Superman not ‘Jesus I prefer’

Posted in a public place by about a review of the new Superman movie. The review puts an emphasis on the Messiah themes and images from the film.

I think this is why I have never liked Superman. He is a Jesus figure who is not really like the Jesus I prefer at all. He’s the Jesus that most dominionist Christians want- bumbling around saving people but not really relating to people at all-an alien. The Jesus I prefer is more human (but still divine).

I’ve been trying recently to hear the way people talk about their faith. This caught my attention because of that.


3 thoughts on “Superman not ‘Jesus I prefer’

  1. Jesus saves because of his solidarity with our humanity, not because of his superman feats. But if you want to sell lots of tickets, then make a few gestures to a powerful marketing demographic and invite megachurch pastors to some free early screenings.

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