We have a word for this

Fascinating exchange in my local paper.

A first-grade teacher is arrested and charged with heroin possession with intent to deal and other drug-related charges. In the comments thread on the news story, someone asks, “How in the world does a college educated person wind up with such a messed up personal life?”

It is a cultural item of faith for us that educated people do not do bad or stupid things, which of course is a patently ridiculously thing to believe as educated people do incredibly stupid and bad things all the time. And yet, we still are flabbergasted when it happens.

One good thing about being a Christian is that you do not have be surprised when “good people” or people who have had “all the advantages in life” do self-destructive things. We have a word to describe why that happens.

I pray for this young woman. She is caught in darkness beyond my understanding.


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