Summer means swimming

The weather is still on the brisk side for summer swimming, but the pool is open, and that means swimming time for Luc. Here he is with his wonderful swim coach Annie.

Luc has always loved the water. This year, he’s got a back stroke and a front stroke. Mom reports that he puts is face in the water with some coaxing. This is a big milestone for Luc. I don’t know if his tonsil surgery earlier this year had anything to do with his increasing comfort with getting his face and whole head underwater. The fact that he can breathe after having his “huge” adenoids removed might be part of it. Or it might just be Luc being awesome.

Either way, if you are looking for Luc this summer, drop by the IU outdoor pool. He’ll probably be there.


2 thoughts on “Summer means swimming

  1. My younger son is on the spectrum. One of the symptoms is his fondness for water. Early on we discovered that taking him to the beach was perilous because he’d walk right out into the water and keep on going. As soon as he was manageable enough, we made sure to get him swimming lessons and keep him at it until his teacher was satisfied that he was water safe. Now he loves swimming pools!

    1. Luc was the same way. He had no fear of water — up to his face — and would go as deep as he could when we would visit Lake Michigan.

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