One theologian’s favorite theologians

Roger Olson has been writing about theology recently. In one post, he listed the contemporary theologians who he thought were doing the best theology. He wrote that he did not necessarily agree with what all of these people write, but he does find them to doing good theology. He describes them as his favorites.

For Baptists—Stanley J. Grenz, Bernard Ramm, Millard Erickson, Dale Moody, James McClendon, James Leo Garrett, Paul Fiddes, Daniel Williams, Molly Marshall

For Lutherans—Robert Jenson, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Ted Peters, Lois Malcolm

For Pentecostals—Amos Yong, Velli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Frank Macchia, Steven Land, Cheryl Bridges Johns

For Methodists (United and other)—Thomas Oden, William Abraham, Kenneth Collins, Henry Knight, Susie Stanley

For Reformed and Congregationalists—Donald Bloesch, Donald McKim, Jürgen Moltmann, Alan P. F. Sell, Michael Horton, Leeann Van Dyk

For Anglicans/Episcopals—Paul Zahl, N. T. Wright, Rowan Williams, Michael Green, Christopher Hall, Edith Humphreys, Sarah Coakley

For Anabaptists—Thomas Finger, John Howard Yoder, J. Denny Weaver

For Roman Catholics—Walter Kasper, Franz Josef van Beeck, Catherine Mowry LaCugna

For Eastern Orthodox—John Zizioulas, David Bentley Hart, Bradley Nassif, Kallistos Ware

For Generic Evangelicals—John Stackhouse, Kevin Vanhoozer, Greg Boyd, Ruth Tucker, John Sanders, Scot McKnight, Clark H. Pinnock


2 thoughts on “One theologian’s favorite theologians

    1. He only listed living people, so Nouwen is out on that score, but I suspect Olson also would not consider Nouwen a theologian as much as a spiritual teacher.

      Hauerwas came up in his comment thread. Olson said his work was more in Christian ethics than theology — which I think Hauerwas would agree with if I remember reading his autobiography.

      In either case, it is one guy’s list, so anyone can disagree.

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