The goals of a top pastor

Mark Beeson is senior pastor of one of the most vital congregations of United Methodists in Indiana. His church — by all outward appearances — does incredible ministry and is busy spawning offspring congregations.

A recent post on his blog gave me a little insight into the mindset of a senior pastor who overseas the growth of such a church. Beeson wrote about his personal goals:

  1. I want to do something with my life that actually makes a difference. I long for the assurance that I’ve had a noticeable impact and made a contribution.
  2. I intend to serve God’s purposes until I can do no more and when my time on earth is done, I want God to find me in the middle of some worthwhile task – continuing the work of Christ’s followers before me.
  3. I’m determined to look for the next right thing to do, each-and-every-day of my life. When Jesus brings me home I’ll be glad to know I served God’s purposes to the end. Even if I don’t finish every little project I’m working on, I want to be like Paul, “the doulos (slave) of Christ,” doing what God wants me to do and finishing well.

Beeson’s first point reminds me of Steve Jobs’ statement that his goal was to leave a ding in the universe.


2 thoughts on “The goals of a top pastor

  1. I am now amazed at how much difference was made by little things, as opposed to my most grandiose projects. Upon returning to my hometown, I was reminded that as a teenager, trying to become a teacher, I helped little kids. Now they are telling their grandchildren about me when we meet. The photo of a famous preacher, not expounding from the pulpit, but giving a child a shoulder ride is illustrative.

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