Nazarenes on discipleship

In 2006, the Church of the Nazarene adopted a mission statement to make Christlike disciples in the nations, which bears some similarity to the United Methodist mission statement of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Here is a link to a report in a Nazarene magazine about the meaning of that mission statement and how it is lived out. I must confess there is a level of engagement with these issues and Wesleyan theology that I seldom see in official UMC media.

You can watch the same presentations in video format here.


One thought on “Nazarenes on discipleship

  1. John, you are right. We don’t hear thismkind of talk in the UMC. And we haven’ t heard it for a long time. What we seem to be hearing these days is how many and how much – how many butts in the pews and how much bucks in the plate. As if to say numbers define disciple making. Yes, we need to have people attending and money for ministry, but I think if we put more emphasis on the relationships made and nurtured and finding tools to do that it would be a better indicator of making disciples. Also, we need to stress the Christlikeness of the disciples we make.

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