Is your church ready to reach people?

My daughter is constantly telling me that the word “unchurched” is bad. I don’t have a better one, so here is an article about whether your church (or my church) is ready to reach unchurched people.


5 thoughts on “Is your church ready to reach people?

  1. Does your daughter object in the sense that “unchurched’ is often really “ex-churched’ or for some other reason? Do you agree with the article?

    1. She prefers non-believer. “Churched” has a bunch of connotations she finds problematic, including a black-and-white binary choice.

      My attitude toward the article is not so much agree or disagree. I am no expert in this area. The 9 things sound plausible and fruitful, although I’m not sure they are exhaustive. I wonder if there are other ways to reach the unchurched than having a worship service that teens like. But I might be wrong about that.

        1. On the “appeals to teens” thing, can someone explain that generality to me? I have teens who like CGM and teens who wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole and prefer acoustic gospel (“I’ll Fly Away”) in the youth group. Like John, I am no expert, but this article left me scratching my head more than anything. I guess that means that we’re not ready.

        2. I think the idea here is that if you have a worship experience that younger people find engaging and interesting it is more likely to be engaging and interesting to those outside the church. My daughter thought the point being here that teens tend to be much more hooked into the culture than we older folks, so something that engages them would be likely to engage those for whom the non-church culture is their only context.

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