Oden on spirituality

Thomas C. Oden on the meaning of “spirituality” in his book Requiem

I intend by spirituality to point to personal life lived in union with Christ — a relationship with the incarnate and risen Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit, where his death is my death, his resurrection, my resurrection. This life expresses itself in praise of God through loving service to the neighbor. Spirituality in the New Testament sense is not a moral program, not a set of rules, not a level of ethical achievement, not a philosophy, not a rhetoric, not an idea, not a strategy, not a theory of meditation, but simply life lived in Christ.



One thought on “Oden on spirituality

  1. My favorite quote from Wesley seems to affirm this statement. While not explicitly about spirituality, it gets to the heart of how to respond to God.

    How uncomfortable a condition must he be in, who, having the fear but not the love of God, – who, serving him, but not with all his heart, has only the toils and not the joys of religion? He has religion enough to make him miserable, but not enough to make him happy: His religion will not let him enjoy the world, and the world will not let him enjoy God. So that, by halting between both, he loses both; and has no peace either in God or the world.
    – John Wesley, Upon Our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount – Discourse IX

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