Two bloggers on merits of schism

Apparently the DreamUMC discussion was all about schism recently — is it good, necessary, likely?

Jeremy Smith and Eric Folkerth offer their thoughts on the questions.


2 thoughts on “Two bloggers on merits of schism

  1. I doubt schism will occur. But I suspect that many people will simply stop supporting the church as they have in the past. I tend to be about 10 years ahead of folks on most things (for example–retirement). After retirement I honestly tried to remain faithful to my ordination vows to support the church with my prayers, my presence, my gifts, and my service. I even tried to exercise my authority as an ordained elder by writing and promoting a petition to General Conference that would have significantly changed our church’s culture. However, after 11 years of hanging in there, I am more frustrated than ever. It seems to me the best option is for me to “drop out” of church involvement. I still attend worship once or twice a month, and I will attend a special event now and then. But I’m working hard to wean myself away from a church in conflict that has made it clear I am not valuable. I will have NO qualms about dropping out of The United Methodist Church and resigning my credentials if the church endorses gay marriage and/or the ordination of homosexuals.

    Schism–probably not. Just fizzling out is more likely.

  2. I think Holly’s comment is dead on. Who wants to be an enthusiastic member of a church at war with itself?

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