Bottom up not top down

Three Annual Conferences in the United States gained members in 2011. Bishop Lindsey Davis was formerly bishop of one (North Georgia) and is now bishop of another one (Kentucky.) The bishop had some interesting things to say at the recent Congress on Evangelism.

I hope to find a transcript or video of his sermon at some point, but this story on the IRD site has several highlights. Here is one that I found worthy of chewing on:

Davis noted there’s “lots of conversation in our church about metrics.” But he warned: “We can’t metric our way out of our current reality.” Only about 20 percent of United Methodist congregations are healthy, he said. And we “can’t change the other 80 percent by requiring them to send in numbers. They will simply play the game.” Church revitalization entails “helping pastors to put together teams of their most spiritually mature laity.” Revitalization can only be from the bottom up and not top down.