Dan Dick recounts agonizing back pain, loss, and what it is teaching him about control, patience, and perspective.

United Methodeviations

cracked egg 2Those who know me well know that my 2012 crawled to a close with a whimper and a moan.  An old back injury flared up with a bone spur off my spine that keeps me in a constant state of excruciating pain and chronic distress.  I have NEVER experienced pain like this — and I hope it is making me much more sympathetic and empathetic with those who live this way all the time.  I would wish this on no one, ever, for any reason.  The other major event was the death of my father on December 23.  Due to my back, I was unable to attend his memorial service and be with my family.  (Poor me…)

The significance of these last couple months is a threefold challenge to my personal worldview:  control, patience, and perspective.

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