Another UMC pastor scandal

In my Google news feed, I get stories directed to me that have the word “Methodist” in the headline. I was discouraged when I found another story about allegations of sexual abuse by a United Methodist pastor.

But I was even more concerned when after a little searching I found this 1992 story about the same United Methodist pastor, a former district superintendent, a repeated candidate for bishop, and a frequent delegate to General Conference, who had lived as a bisexual, died of an AIDS-related illness, infected his wife with HIV that led to her death, and tried to seduce several young males over the years of his ministry. None of this came out during his life or, apparently, caused him to question his own fitness to be a minister of Christ. I pray that he has peace with God.


3 thoughts on “Another UMC pastor scandal

  1. Can anyone imagine the reaction if Mr. Walker had assaulted teen-age girls and his wife died after being infected by him with syphilis or hepatitis? It is ironic that the same newspaper that reported Mr. Walker’s death and the subsequent revelations was also reporting the negative public reaction to then-Senator Packwood’s indiscretions. It appears that Mr. Walker was the lead clergy delegate from Oregon-Idaho four times and served on the General Conference delegation a total of six. Can anyone imagine the bishop extolling the goodness of someone who assaulted girls and trying to convince everyone that the rapist didn’t deserve condemnation?

    Looking at the fruits, First UMC in Oregon in 1992 had 1,150 members. It started 2011 with only 476 and a weekly attendance of only 212. In fact, all four of the UM churches in Eugene only totalled 876 members while the overall population grew from about 125,000 to 156,185.

    The Western Jurisdiction is the only one that does not pay for its bishops. It needs to be dissolved and distributed between the South Central and the North Central.

  2. I pray his VICTIMS have peace with God. Since he evaded paying for him crimes in this life, I pray he finds justice in the next one.

  3. Creed Pogue shows perspective. How would the church react to parallel heterosexual behavior? I am personally shocked having worked with Bishop Dew and many Oregon church leaders who must have known the situation. The congregation has a right to know if their pastor is not obeying the church regulations and discipline. Then they can decide whether to forgive a sinner and accept the pastor, or ask for his removal.

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